Photography Albums

Besides exhibitions, and I mean high quality and in prestigious location exhibitions, as a photographer there is nothing else more rewarding than signing your own photo album. It may not be directly seen as a very powerful marketing tool, especially in Romania where photography still struggles to achieve its role in art as such, but over time, photography albums make one photographer last longer in public’s perception.

I have been working with various organisations in order to achieve a common goal through photography. With hard work, dedication and inspiration the journey is always rewarding, either due to client’s satisfaction or due to the wonderful memories and friendships developed during the project.

Key to Success
Every single new attempt has its own struggles and mysteries, there is no straight forward thing as a key to success, like a formulae to present here. There is little to take into account and that is your dedication & inspiration, so little, and still so much…

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the steps. — Confucius