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Product Description

B&W Photo Album “The hidden side of the Opera”

This is my second album published in B&W with photographs from almost three months spent at the Bucharest National Opera. The album show the less known side of what is going on behind the curtains, the hard work of all 660 employees, in over 100 rooms, in what could be easily consider a city in a city.

Technical data

76 B&W photographs, print duotone

 Dimensions: 235x255mm
 Pages: 128
 Paper: matte 135gm
 Cover: 150gm folio

Publishing House

 Publishing year: 2008

 Sponsor: Petrom LPG

Text & Layout

 Introductory texts by Gabriel Stoicescu, Catalin I. Arbore, Serban Mestecaneanu.

 Texts in Romanian

 Graphic Design: Corina Duma


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