From the moment I got involved in this project, I started thinking about the countless ways in which to portray this valuable heritage, but also the concern about not being able perhaps, to fully convey the essence of their spirit in the images. These would not have been my first portrait or architectural photographies, but in this case I wished to combine the two, seeking to share ones characteristics to the other – bring a portrait atmosphere in the architectural photography, and integrate the portraits in graphic backgrounds, in repetitive architectural visual elements. I am happy to have been part of this project of cultural rediscovery of the Romanian manors; this experience has enriched my musical, artistic and historical knowledge. For the lovers of numbers, this book is the result of 3.631 Km of driving around the country (61 driving hours) to the 11 locations, 3.302 digital photographs, 192 film photographs, 28 contemplations of sunrises and sunsets, 170 hours of selection and editing, and who knows how many hours spent at the printing house.