Painting with light AND A CRY FOR HELP

Institutul National de Arheologie, Bucuresti

There is a wonderful house on 11 Henri Coanda street in Bucharest. It used to be the residential house of colonel Macca at the end of XIXth Century, then from 1931 became the house of the Institute of Antiquities and since 1956 till current times, the Institute of Archeology.

The house was lucky enough to escape communism’s mania of demolishing historic buildings, but not fortunate enough to receive a proper conservation love later on.


Unfortunately not enough. In February 2011, at the request of a friend who wished to signal the poor state in which this once wonderful building has got, I started to photograph the building with the aim to present as best as can be in.

The idea was that with these images to attract the people interested to support such a restoration. Unfortunately the project remained at an early stage, meaning I have done my photos but nothing else was continued.

Every journey begins with the first click…

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