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Photographs are printed on quality archival paper on professional printing machines and on limited series the whole process being supervised by the author. Prints dimensions as follows:

15 prints @ 20x30cm / 10 prints @ 30x45cm / 7 prints @ 40x60cm / 5 prints @ 60x90cm
15 prints @ 20x20cm / 10 prints @ 30x30cm / 7 prints @ 40x40cm / 5 prints @ 60x60cm
15 prints @ 20x54cm / 10 prints @ 30x81cm / 7 prints @ 40x108cm / 5 prints @ 60x162cm
A Certificate of Authenticity will be issued with the sale. Prints are signed and dated by the author. Prices will get higher when the series starts to reach their limits. No other prints will be made after the sell of the last print. Any purchase of a photograph does not represent an acquisition of proprietary rights, the right to produce, copy or reproduce the image. The copyright of each and any photograph belongs exclusively to the author. International buyers please enquire for freight costs. Prints are usually despatched in three working days after the order has been received and confirmed. You can start by browsing the following links grouped by projects or, if you know the print title you wish to purchase you can use the Search function from the Side Menu (see top right side).