Welcome to my website, a place where you can find out more about me through my photography.

Please feel free to visit my website, I hope you will discover some hidden gems… If you really like any of my photographs, you can buy them and hang them on your wall. You can even comment on my posts and tell me what you think about what I do.


Photography is something very personal, some of my images may not mean a thing to you, but in case one of them managed to trigger something within you, then you really made my day.


I tend to work based on Projects and you will discover them under Portfolio tab, so a good place to start this website with. From time to time I publish individual photos, not necessarily under a category or project – you will find these under Singulars.


If nothing of the above suits your desires but you simply want to contact me and tell me what you fancy, or a comment, or a feedback, just use the Contact page.


I hope you will enjoy the journey.